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I am infatuated with freezing time.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the present, because the truth is, being a photographer by passion means that you love the present more than any other thing.  It means being so enthralled with the present that you emphatically pluck moments from time, share them with others and relive them over and over.  It means showing people what their love looks like – the texture of their joy and the light in their breath.  It means sharing space in the quiet corners of you, the fire of your love and the spaces in between where we don’t know ourselves yet.

If you feel like we might be a good fit, reach out to me!  Let’s get some tea and talk about how rad it is to be alive.

Amber Grider - Wedding Photographer

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Photo courtesy of Memory Machine Films

Wedding Film

Memory Machine Films is the sister company to Amber Grider Photography – producing cinematic wedding highlight films for newly married couples to have and enjoy for the rest of their lives together.

You can find more information and package pricing for Memory Machine Films on their website here.

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